It seems that in America and the UK, Juvenal’s observation that the
political power of ancient Roman emperors was based on giving the
people, "bread and circuses." This seems to be prevalent today with food
stamps and football keeping the people content. It seems that our two
countries are stumbling down the rocky path to degradation. Are we willing
to determine what type of government we want--and work for it? If so, this
book may be of value to you.

This book was originally meant to show the methods that have been used
in modern elections to bypass our intellects and appeal to our unconscious
minds. These were particularly evident in the elections of Bush and Trump
and in the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom. As the writing
progressed, it was deemed necessary to present some basic logic and
psychology to show how the election manipulators had delved into our
unconscious minds and had ventured from logical and verifiable arguments
in order to accomplish their goals.

Once these issues were presented it was decided to venture with the
reader into what kind of government we might like to have--and why. One
of the questions asked is whether we want low taxes or happiness. The
happiest countries are shown to have very high taxes, while the United
States is ranked 18th on the international happiness scale. Another
question is whether liberty or equality should be the major measure of
justice for the society. Political philosophers realize that these two ideals
are often mutually incompatible.

The latter part of the book looks at education, and what may be improved.
If we are to have an educated democratic republic, we must have educated
citizens, legislators, and executives. The ending chapter deals with what
we might consider as constitutional amendments to bring the Constitution
up to date and to reverse the 5 to 4 decisions of some of the Supreme
Courts that have redirected the founding document into directives that are
directly counter the reasons for the Constitution – – to provide for the
general welfare.


Bob O’Connor is a retired professor. He has a doctorate in the philosophy
of education from the University of Southern California. He wrote his
doctoral dissertation in ethics and political theory—some of his findings are
applied in this book. He is also a licensed psychotherapist in California.
This gives him a unique insight into how our conscious and unconscious
minds may influence our political thinking and our voting. During the last 50
years he has travelled extensively, additionally he has lived in France and
The Netherlands, and has lived and taught in New Zealand, Canada , and
Norway. During the last 20 years he has lived primarily in Norway. His
education and experiences in our world give him some knowledge  and
ideas about how to fix our political paradox.


It was my intention to make the book free to everyone because I think it is
so important for us if we want to save our democracy. It is free on
Smashwords.com in various file types. It is also free on Google Play. Other
sales channels for e-books charge less than five dollars for the book, and if
you want a print copy it is $14.95 through Amazon. You can also download
two types of files here—either a typical flowing e-book without page
numbers or a printed book style file with page numbers.

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